Stadsgids Alkmaar
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The cheesemarket in Alkmaar, one of the biggest and oldest cheesemarkets in the Netherlands. With 170000 visitors each year it is allways great fun to walk and look around at the Waagplein.

Wacht the cheesecarriers, who walk there special walk with 130 kilo cheese. The vendors and the sellers of the cheese who determine the price bij handshake. The inspectors who smell, taste and feel the cheese and determine the quality of the cheese. And ofcourse the cheesegirls who also sell some of the cheeses. 

From the end of March untill the end of september you are more then welcome each friday morning at the greatest cheesemarket of Holland. In july and august you can also visit the market on tuesdayevening. The cheeses will be ready from 19.00 hr.

There are approximatly 2400 cheeses at the cheesemarkt, a total of about 30000 kilo. There is more then enough cheese to look at! 

Would you like to visit the cheesemarket and learn all about it? Please contact me for the possibilities!